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August 14, 2019

Fawn De Rosa, St Croix Falls, WI

All of my kids thought they had died and gone to heaven, but Walter was over THE TOP excited. There was never a happier boy in all of the world. Probably the best day of his life.

Fawn De Rosa has it all. Llamas, bunnies, skunks and PORCUPINES for crying out loud. The deer are overly friendly, come right up and dig food out of your bucket if you aren’t watching.

And if a goat starts eating your dress – shoe it away ASAP because it will nibble holes right through it. Ask me how I know. And PSA they also love little girls white floppy sun hats. Ask me how I know.

I only have pictures of the back of my children’s heads because they were so obsessed with the animals I never actually saw their face. It was the best day. We left Fawn De Rosa and headed to Interstate Park in Taylors Falls for a little lunch and hiking. The girls thought they were the strongest most BA woman on the planet for climbing such huge cliffs. Yes. You. Are.

AND THEN after we had our lunch with the rocks and conquered all our fears of heights, we made a quick trip to Franconia Art Sculpture Park. If you haven’t been there – GO. Run don’t walk. So fun. These pieces of art are HUGE! It’s a great family date activity!

We were living our best lives this day. I love these rugrats more than what should be allowed. They are my delight and muse.

Check out Fawn De Rosa HERE

Check out Taylors Falls HERE

Check out Franconia Sculpture Park HERE

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