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July 3, 2018

Minnesota Zoo

Day in the Life

Minnesota Zoo

Apple Valley, Minnesota

I wanted to do a Day-In-The-Life session with my family. Document our adventure from start to finish. So we packed up our gang and headed to the Minnesota Zoo. I LOVE taking pictures like this. No rules. Just trying to find moments. I rarely take my camera out with my family – just way too hard with these crazy babes of mine. But it was so nice to shoot whatever I wanted and push my brain to see things in a new way. Was such a fun day.

But the best part? Standing at the Otter Exhibit-¬†look over and SEE SOME GUY DOWN ON ONE KNEE! I couldn’t believe it! I snapped a few pictures and gave them my email! I was able to send these pictures to them! How serendipitous! I can cross that off my bucket list!


Hope you enjoy these images! Wouldn’t it be so fun to have a family session at a place like this??

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