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March 31, 2017

Weekend in Fargo

Aunt Alice had a birthday and we make it a habit of surprising her on her birthday 😉 So me and my girls road tripped it up to Fargo for the weekend and got to spend some time enjoying the nice 50 degree weather! We will take what we can get! 🙂

I have a feeling this summer is going to be so much different than last summer – our girls will be 3 in May and we can finally do all of the areas of the park. The big slides, those scary wobbly bridges that are like death traps for little toddlers. I can finally be that mom sitting on her phone on the bench watching from the side of my eye – what i’ve always dreamed of.

We love coming to Fargo. The food here is always top notch and the company is even better! <3

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